Come Back

You grew up in a wise uterus
And were born already mature
With your spear and your helmet
But you conquered your power
With sapience and words

With your help Ulysses survived
The thunder, the trident and the swords
Then he embraced the faithful Penelope
And when a new war was arising
You came and imposed Peace

Your nudity blinds
Your hymen is sacred
But once you tied up the sun
To let two lovers sense
The lust of the night

Agamemnon sacrificed his own seed
Clytemnestra fulfilled Cassandra’s prophecy
Orestes drilled the chest that fed him
And was pursuit by his hands’ stain

You came and decided it was time to stop
And taught Democracy and Law
We didn’t learn how much as we should
And what we learned is almost forgotten

Laws are now created by money and weapons
Men adore Ares and the pursuit of gold
Descend from the Olympus, Brave Athena,
And teach us Democracy again

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